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Coping With Grief: Things to Remember When Dealing with Loss

1. Be gentle with yourself.

Grief can be exhausting during periods of intensive stress. Take time

to eat nourishing foods and drink plenty of water. Alcohol and sugar

may seem like a quick fix but they can actually have the opposite


2. Your feelings are normal.

Allow yourself to feel whatever it is that you feel; anger, sadness or

even relief. The emotions that accompany grief are all valid. Whatever

you are feeling at this given moment, it always makes sense and it is

normal. Always remember that.

3. Grief can beget meaning.

There is no getting over the loss of a loved one. It just becomes part

of life. You can always find ways to incorporate the loss into your

life as you move forward. Grief actually provides us an opportunity to

reflect on what matters most to us.

Dr. Lichtenthal highlights the importance of connecting to what gives

you a sense of meaning to help co-exist grief. She explains that these

sources of meaning are a reason to step out slowly into life each day

despite the pain you might be experiencing. Among these touchstones

might be a reflection about the person you want to be in the face of

life's challenges. Take it day by day, slowly.

4. It won't feel like this forever.

One of life's most difficult experiences is losing a loved one. It

would somewhat be easier if grief followed a linear path, with stages

that neatly fit into boxes. But big feelings can emerge all throughout

the grieving process. Understand that it is coming up, try to find

support, take care of yourself and allow it to go. Emotions can be

consuming but they are not permanent states.

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